User Researcher

Exception is looking for a User Researcher to join an existing team on a key client project.  This will be working alongside our Service Designer, providing expertise and knowledge.
The User Researcher will work with multidisciplinary teams and responsible for planning and carrying out user research activities.
  • Discovery and Research
  • Workshop Planning and Facilitation
  • Visualisation
  • Qualitative Research
  • Design Thinking
  • Business Engagement
Skills Required
  • Analysis and synthesis. Understanding how to apply basic techniques for the analysis of research data and synthesis of findings.  Involving the team in analysis and synthesis.  Present clear findings that colleagues can understand and use.
  • Inclusive research.   Understanding the diversity of users and the need to make services usable and accessible for everyone.   Work with colleagues to include many kinds of users in appropriate research activities.
  • Research skills.  Understand and have experience of basic user research methods.  Know when to use those methods and how to apply them correctly.
  • Strategic insight.  Understand what problem the team is trying to solve.  Align user research activities to inform decision making and action.
  • Technical understanding.   Some knowledge of the technologies used to build and operate digital services.  Understand the different technical roles in a digital team.
  • User-centred and agile practices.  Understand and have experience of a range of user-centred practices.  Work with colleagues to plan and do continuous user research in a multidisciplinary team.